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  • The Synthesis of Sucrose by Extracts of the Root of the Sugar NCBI

    strated the formation of sucrose phosphate in the leaves of the sugar beet as well as of other plants. They postulated that theBurma & Mortimer (1956), using [14C]glucose. 1 phosphate .. section of the chromatogram and eluted with water.

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  • The Sucrose synthesizing Enzyme in the Beans

    This enzyme, which was named sucrose phos phorylase, has not been found in plant tissues irrespective of much effort ofsynthesis of sucrose phosphate according to the following reaction: in plant cells. After completion of this work24" Burma andAs the eluting solvent,ethyl acetate benzene. (I :5 by volume) was.

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  • Enzymes of the Pentose Phosphate Pathway in theMung NCBI

    BY MAHARANI CHAKRAVORTY AND D. P. BURMA. Bo8e Researchtion to pentose phosphate which can be converted back intokey enzymes were purified from plant sources .. centrifuging was eluted twioe, first with 100 ml. then with.

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  • D Xylulokinase and D Ribulokinase in Higher Plant Physiology

    phosphate pathway, probably to D xylulose 5 phos phate and D ribuloseThis paper presents evidence that higher plants .. eluted onto plastic phanchets with three 0.2 ml por tions of 3 N BURMA, D. P. AND B. L. HORECKER. 1958.

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  • Myanmar accused of planting landmines in path of fleeing Rohingya .

    3 days agoRohingya people fleeing from Myanmar military operations in Rakhine state cross the Bangladesh border at Cox's Bazar. Photograph: Anadolu.

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  • Myanmar military accused of planting landmines in path of Rohingya .

    3 days agoMyanmar's military has been accused of planting mines in the path of Rohingya Muslims fleeing reported atrocities in Rakhine state. Amnesty.

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  • Nucleoside Diphosphokinase of Pea Seeds Europe PMC

    vity in higher plants were obtained by Burma &strated in extracts from a number of other plant .. eluted with 3 ml. of 50 mM phosphate (KH2PO4 Na2HP04).

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  • Rohingya crisis: Myanmar 'mining border' as refugees flee BBC News

    Sep 6, 2017Bangladesh has summoned the Myanmar ambassador in Dhaka to protest against the planting of landmines along the border between the two.

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