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  • 10 Mighty Tank Graveyards & Abandoned Battle Vehicles of the World

    Dec 11, 2014Echoes of war and conflict, tank graveyards and abandoned armoured battle vehicles lingerEritrea's War of Independence Tank Graveyard.

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  • Inside Eritrea: from tank cemeteries to futuristic .

    Aug 17, 2015Closed to outsiders and notoriously repressive, few images emerge from the country. During a rare trip, photographer Winston Boyer captured.

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  • Battle of Afabet Wikipedia

    The Battle of Afabet was fought from March 17 through 20 March 1988 in and around the town of Afabet, as part of the Eritrean War of Independence.the brigade was halted when a tank and truck were disabled by Eritrean 100mm guns,.

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